Introducing 🌸Sakura Guild🌸

1 min readJan 12, 2022

Sakura Guild🌸 is an NFT Gaming Guild as part of the Scholar Matching Project by BTEC. We believe in empowering play-to-earn communities and accelerating the crypto-gaming ecosystem.

As part of our Scholar Matching mechanism, we are actively looking for funders (who sponsor the game) and players (who take scholarships to jumpstart the game).

Currently, we have over 370 active scholars in Axie Infinity. We are expanding the gaming portfolio to include other crypto-games as well, with Thetan Area coming up soon.


About our Axie Infinity Scholarship

🌸Sakura Guild🌸 underlines the value of every gamer’s desire to succeed and have a rewarding experience. We have an attractive commission to reward and empower the full potential of guild members. Our community is not only just play-to-earn, but also play-for-fun; we form meaningful friendships and have fun together by supporting each other with education and encouragement.

  • Commission System: Earn up to 50% commission, 1.5K SLP/month and $BTEC tokens.
  • Monthly MMR Ranking Reward
  • Monthly Active Ranking Reward
  • Coaching
  • In-House Tournament

Apply Axie Infinity Scholarship

If you are interested in getting the scholarship, please fill in the form and join BTEC Discord server to stay updated.




BTEC is the governance token of the Scholar Matching project.